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ARTE : International action

ARTE was founded in 1991 by an agreement between France and Germany as a European public service television channel specialising in cultural programmes. It has been broadcasting since 1992. The channel has built up its international notoriety through its intensive coproduction activity and purchase of films, documentaries, drama and performing arts throughout the world. It has also concluded a large number of partnerships with European television channels. Its broadcasting capacity allows wide coverage of the European continent, and the channel’s international sales and presence at festivals worldwide also bring it extensive visibility.

The european dimension – A network of partners on the continent

ARTE’s priority is to develop the channel in Europe. Partnerships with public television channels in Europe testify to the channel’s determination to include new partner countries in its structures and to broadcast programmes which reflect European creativity and diversity. Various types of agreement have thus been concluded over the years with a view to promoting coproductions:
- association contracts with
ČESKÁ TELEVIZE (Czech Republic- 2013) – More informations here.
TELEWIZJA POLSKA S.A. (Poland – 2014) – More informations here.
RTBF (Belgium – 1993)
ORF (Austria – 2001)
- cooperation agreements with
SRG SSR Idée Suisse (Switzerland – 1995)
YLE (TV Channel 1, Finland – 1999)
ERT (Greece – 2009)
- coproduction agreements with
BBC Four (United Kingdom – 2001)
SVT (Sweden – 2002).

The public service broadcaster ERT has entered into a cooperation agreement with ARTE in 2009, according to which both signatories have strived to develop a large number of co-productions covering the whole range of audiovisual genres, including theme evenings and TV dramas. The partner channel takes part in the programme committee meetings and participates in advisory matters.
ERT S.A. (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) includes ET-1, NET, ERA and ERT-3

In September 2006, RTBF and ARTE opened air-time in Belgium devoted to “50° Nord”, a programme on topical cultural issues in French-speaking Belgium created by RTBF.

ARTE now has a presence in Italy as part of the TIVUSAT offer.
TIVUSAT is an Italian digital TV package distributed to about 1.8 million homes, or 8% of all Italian homes, whose viewers can watch the majority of Italian channels, and a range of international channels, live via satellite.
Since 14th November, these viewers are able to watch ARTE using their satellite equipment, on Channels 72 (in Standard Definition) and 110 (in High Definition), in French and German.
ARTE is delighted to make itself available to a wider audience in this way, in a European country where it already enjoys great popularity. Its hope is that this will bring in a new audience and strengthen links between France, Germany and Italy in the cultural and audiovisual sector.


Developing throughout the world – Expanding the channel’s outreach

Africa: ARTE has been broadcast by satellite on subscription throughout the major part of sub-Saharan and central Africa since 2002. Almost 80,000 African households already subscribe to this package.

Canada: ARTE France has held shares in ARTV, the Canadian cultural channel, since 2001; this channel broadcasts its programmes in French throughout Canada by cable and by satellite, and ARTE France supplies some of those programmes.

Brazil: an agreement signed with the education channel SESCTV makes provision for the regular broadcasting of ARTE France documentaries in Portuguese.

Israel: an agreement signed with the public channel IBA makes provision for the regular broadcasting of ARTE France documentaries in Hebrew.


Cooperation with partner channels – Global broadcasting and new audiences

ARTE France supplies certain programmes free of charge to:

As part of their partnership, ARTE France and TV5MONDE pursued their collaborative work in 2013. > For further information, click here.

Eastern Europe (Balkans, Moldavia, Ukraine), the Caucasus
In 2013, ARTE France pursued its policy of cooperation in cultural programmes with public service television channels from Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. > For more information, click here.

ARTE France takes part in Terramed Plus web platform project

Since March 2011, ARTE France has been developing a project for a new web platform, Terramed, in association with France Télévisions, TVE (Spain), RAI and COPEAM (Italy), EPTV (Algeria), SNRT (Morocco) and Télé-Liban (Lebanon).

This project is financed by the European Union’s “Euromed Audiovisuel 3” programme which aims to bolster cultural exchanges between the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean.

By the end of June 2012, the “Terramed Plus” internet platform will be up and running and will start to host a number of television programmes offered by the partners. These will be available for streaming at

Ultimately, this platform will host a total of 120 hours of programmes.
Since March 2012, you can also visit Euromed Audiovisual III website and watch the trailers uploaded every week. Go to: (click on the “vidéos-photos” menu).

We hope you will enjoy your visits !


International communication – Making ARTE known in Europe and throughout the world

ARTE is present at numerous international festivals and organises events throughout the world, thus circulating its programmes and know-how while prompting meetings and exchanges with professionals and the general public.

Festivals: ARTE’s productions are regular award-winners in prestigious festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Locarno, Banff, San Francisco and in the Prix Italia, Prix Europa and Emmy Awards competitions. The channel is also a partner in numerous other festivals − Seville, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Carthage, Fespaco, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo.

Special events: ARTE organises programmings, meetings, colloquia and round-table debates throughout the year in partnership with local institutions (film libraries, museums, etc.) or French Cultural Centres and Goethe Institutes. Major events have been organised in London, Stockholm, Rome, Madrid, Prague, Budapest, New York, Beirut and Cairo.


Vocational training – For future generations

The ARTE “trademark” is recognised abroad, and many training institutes are anxious to benefit from the channel’s know-how. ARTE France responds to this demand by organising training workshops or joining in other such sessions:

Directing: the first workshops were organised in Romania, the Caucasus and the Palestinian Territories; these sessions involve directors who have already worked for ARTE;

Channel branding: a workshop was run in ENTV, Algeria.


Reception and broadcasting – A steadily growing reception area

ARTE broadcasts its programmes 24 hours a day on the ASTRA satellite in analogue and on the CANALSATELLITE and ARD digital packages. ARTE programmes are also broadcast in analogue on the Atlantic Bird 3 satellite from 7.00 p.m. to 3.00 a.m. and in digital on the Hot Bird and Atlantic Bird 3 satellites 24 hours a day.

These programmes are relayed by various operators (terrestrial and cable networks) throughout Europe and beyond and can also be picked up by private satellite antennas.

In 2008, over 190 million viewers were able to receive ARTE programmes in Europe, i.e. over 80 million households (compared to 36 million at the end of 1994).

And finally, ARTE is broadcast in 23 French-speaking and English-speaking African countries on LE SAT, CANALSATELLITE HORIZONS and MULTICHOICE AFRICA digital packages.


Contact us

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